Eliza Shaddad – Waters

Raised across Europe and Africa, the now London based Eliza Shaddad creates an infectious folk song with a darker element churning its way throughout. The track starts off with a twinkling riff which immediately sets the sombre yet urgent sounding tone, which carries on right until the last chorus erupts into a confident, soulful climax.  Shaddad’s vocals are rich and controlled, remaining strong right up until the last line of the song. Having provided vocals for Clean Bandit tracks and opening for the likes of  Rudimental, SBTRKT and Mercury Prize-Winners Alt-J in the past, Waters is sure to push Eliza Shaddad further into her own spotlight.


Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army

This cover of the White Stripes classic adds a soulful, energetic twist which is refreshing and makes the track ideal for long summer days. The piano riffs which are sprinkled in throughout the duration of the track and the offbeat reggae style chords thrown in make for an altogether more uplifting listening experience than the original may have offered. Laid back and easy to listen to, the French singer-songwriter makes the track his own and adds an exciting twist to a well known, well loved classic.


SUBMISSION: The Sundance Kids – On the Mend

“On the Mend” is the first EP from Cardiff based indie rock band The Sundance Kids, and is slightly reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys circa “Whatever People Say I am..”, sound, with a raw sound which is somewhat easy to relate to. The chorus is catchy enough to stick with you but the overall sound’s not too overly polished, with the vocals and guitar giving the track a looser sound which works well. If you want to hear more from them, you can follow them here at @Sun_DanceKids

Ed Sheeran – Take it Back

Off the newly released ‘X’, ‘Take it Back’ is one of the understated standout tracks on the album, highlighting Ed Sheeran’s natural flair for songwriting and wordplay, as well as the ability to immediately switch between rapping and singing on cue. The song itself is more lyrical than it is melodic but this doesn’t detract from its infectious nature and ability to get inside your head and stay there. The lyrics are clever and insightful, giving a clearer glimpse into Ed’s personal life than his other tracks may have so far. Other great tracks off the album include ‘Don’t’ (supposedly written as a dig at ex Ellie Goulding) as well as ‘Bloodstream’ and ‘Tenerife Sea’. 


FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

The video for FKA Twig’s newest single  ‘Two Weeks’ just dropped and the whole thing pretty much sees her sitting in one place being as sultry and sexy as possible whilst mini versions of herself dance around her feet. The song itself is typical of her style; dripping in synths and R&B slickness, with her trademark ethreal voice making lines like “higher than a motherfucker/ dreaming of you hustler lover” actually sound quite cool. Her voice is captivating as always, and although not her best work, is worth a listen.


SUBMISSION: Blank Bibles – No Way of Knowing

Blank Bibles are a refreshing folk/rock group with a sound which has been described as something “akin to a wonderful sun-streaked day at the beach with Fleetwood Mac”. The London Based sextet have a distinctive sound made up of intricate harmonies and laid back guitar riffs, describing their sound as “fusing elements of folk, rock and worldbeat with a pop sensibility”. Their riffs and melodies are infectious and laid back, and the group are currently touring the South East of the UK to promote their self titled EP released in March this year. Expect great things.



Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)

Ambient yet completely engaging, the Ed Sheeran and Passenger cover of No Diggity vs Thrift Store is innovative and intelligent in itself, with the Kygo remix adding another dimension to it which creates a larger contrast between the bridge and the chorus using its slick production and use of echoes and repetition to drag the track out slightly longer than the original, maintaining the original calm vibes from the original but giving it another layer which works well. Perfect track for summer.