You may have seen our post about 16 year old producer Kyle Cramer AKA Kyross. (if you haven’t you can check it out here). Situated in Vancouver, Canada, Kyle’s beats combined with fresh and well thought out production make him a producer to keep an eye on. We caught up with him to find out more.

So, how would you describe your sound?

I’d have to say my sound somewhat goes along the lines of nostalgic aliens exploring their inner feelings.


Where did the name come from?

I think the name came just from taking the first two letters of my name and thinking of something catchy to end it off so I picked ross. I don’t remember why entirely. I think it’s because I was obsessed with SebastiAns – Ross Ross Ross.


Who would you say you’re biggest musical influences are?

Well my influences change almost every week but the main influences I’ve stuck with through the past year would have to be Flume, Shlohmo, XXYYXX, Thrupence, Slow Magic and Mister Lies. I also listened to metal for quite a while so that probably has some sort of subconscious influence on some of my melodies or something like that I guess.


Who is your a) Favourite band/artist at the moment?

I’m really digging TWOS right now. His track ”As We Strive” with Tours is beyond fantastic.


b) Least favorite?!

I don’t know I’m not really picky on music and I wouldn’t want to discourage any artists from making art even if it isn’t the best.


Where do you hope to see yourself in a year’s time?

I would hope to see that I’ve explored new regions and genres of music but still keeping my style at the same time. Also playing live shows would be pretty dope but I want to put a twist on the regular routine of standing behind a laptop. Maybe like playing the percussion live or something along the lines of that.


What’s one song you wish you’d written?

 Panama – Always. It’s just super catchy and harmonic. This track is by far in the top 10 right now


Who would be your dream act to support on tour and why?

I’ve always thought it would be super cool to support XXYYXX just because he’s been a huge musical influence in my life and he seems like a really down to earth guy. To tour with him would be a super cool experience for sure.


If you met Miley Cyrus,  and you could ask her anything, what would it be?

So what’s the babies name going to be?


Kyle’s album “Shiver” is coming out within the next month or two. He told us “it’s a little more mellow than my usual stuff but still keeping the catchy drum swings and what not.” We can’t wait to hear more from him!

Check out his soundcloud 
Follow him @AvengedOrange

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